Excess Body Fat

Many of our clients are concerned with Excess Body Fat that can occur almost anywhere on the body.


All humans have fat on their body for warmth and protection. However some may gain excess fat for a variety of different reasons. We often meet client who are concerned with Excess Fat around their Abdomen, Back, Arms or Legs, and whilst healthy lifestyle is key sometimes it can be difficult to shift the additional pounds.

How can Aesthetics Of Liverpool help?

At Aesthetics Of Liverpool we offer a number of Fat Reduction Treatments that allow the body to naturally dispose of fat cells. Whilst our Fat Reduction Treatments offer fantastic results they are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Those following a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly will experience better results, as well as looking and feeling great!

Treatments Available


All humans need some fat on their bodies. Excess Fat can be the result of any number of issues such as poor diet, lack of exercise, pregnancy or emotional issues .A person who is not eating healthily or exercising on a regular basis is likely to gain weight, and many people find it difficult to make lifestyle changes or find the motivation to loose excess fat.

Yes, the fat cells will be naturally disposed of throughout the body, however it is up to the client to commit to a health balanced lifestyle in order to maintain results.

The best type of treatment for you will be dependent on your body type. Prior to any treatment you will be invited to the Aesthetics Of Liverpool clinic where you will be able to discuss your concerns and what you are hoping to achieve,from this we will be able to recommend what treatment is suitable for you.