White Spots / Milia

White Spots/Milia are small white cysts that appear on drier areas of the skin typically under the eyes or across the cheeks.


Milia, are a small selection of white spots more commonly referred to as Milk Spots. These spots are most common in babies, however they can also occur in adulthood, because of this Milia spots are frequently confused with white heads with many trying to scratch or squeeze away these tiny white dots. Milia do not pose a medical risk but they often become a nuisance to clients as they frequently occurr around the eyes or on the face, therefore many prefer to have them removed

How can Aesthetics Of Liverpool help?

The good news is Milia can be treated, at Aesthetics of Liverpool we offer treatment to safely remove and create a smooth spot free complexion.


They can vary in appearance but they usually have the following characteristics:

• They are often mistaken for Whiteheads
• Small in size
• White in colour
• Can appear alone but usually appear in small groups.

Tiny white cysts that can appear on the skins epidermis (the outer layer of skin), their white colouring is formed from an excess build up of Keratin, which is a natural part of the skin. Unfortunately doctors remain uncertain of why they appear in adults as there are no links to health or medical conditions. However we do encourage clients to analyse their products usage for aggravating ingredients such as mineral oil.

No,they are not dangerous or a health risk, as they pose no health risk. They are generally a nuisance to clients and can effect body confidence.

The best type of treatment for you will be dependent on the location and the amount of Milia that needs removing. Most clients are advised to use a non-abrasive exfoliating cleanser and a Vitamin A product on a regular basis prior to treatment. Using those products will soften the skin that covers the Milia making them easier to remove, they will also help in preventing further Milia occurring.