The human face is built to laugh, smile, frown or concentrate, however each expression allows facial muscles to contract and soon lines and wrinkles begin to form. Lifestyle and environmental factors are also known to contribute to ageing, to much sun exposure, smoking and drinking will also gave a significant impact.

Treatments Available


As we age collagen and elastin in the skin begins to break down meaning skin begins to loose elasticity and the youthful ‘plump’ it once had. Each day we use our facial muscles to create various expressions e.g laughing, over time these repeated movements cause wrinkles to appear. Often those with more expressive faces for example somebody who frowns a lot will develop wrinkles much quicker than someone who doesn’t.

Wrinkles are not preventable as they are a natural part of the ageing process. However following a good skin care routine that incorporates anti-ageing products, wearing an SPF on daily basis as well drinking plenty of water will help improve skins appearance and keep skin looking radiant.

The treatment that is appropriate for you will depend on a number of factors, your age, skin condition, skin type etc. Prior to any treatment you will be invited to the Aesthetics of Liverpool Clinic where you will be able to discuss your concerns and what you are hoping to achieve from. From this we will be able to recommend what treatment will work best for you.