Bio-Remodeling with immediate skin tightening effect

Hi there, when it comes to knowing what’s popular and what’s officially passé in the world of aesthetic enhancements, no one knows better than our outstanding Clinical Team here at Aesthetics of Liverpool. We have recently developed PROFHILO.

The leading pharmaceutical company IBSA-Derma, in the production of hyaluronic acid presents Profhilo® a new ally against ageing, which nourishes the dermal cells and restores firmness of the skin, with a prolonged duration.

• Intervenes in the physiological process of ageing tissue, in presence of alterations in elastic fibres and collagen.
• Intervenes in the dermal tissue repair process, in cases of acne scars.
• Intervenes in cases of loss or compromised adipose tissue.

Five Points Skin Modelling

• Innovative approach
• Hydration stimulation action
• Remodelling of Collagen & Elastin
• Improves tissue laxity
• Long lasting results

It’s BIo-compatible

Because it’s composed of a highly pure grade hyaluronic acid produced by biofermentation.

It’s Secure

Due to it high purity and absence of additives. Profhilo offers greater safety and therefore reduces side effects. .

It’s Effective

The patented technology of Profhilo offers a prolonged duration.

For further information about this treatment, please feel free to call
the Clinic on TEL 0151 203 1393.