Exclusive to Aesthetics of Liverpool

Hi there, when it comes to knowing what’s popular and what’s officially passé in the world of aesthetic enhancements, no one knows better than our outstanding Clinical Team here at Aesthetics of Liverpool. We have recently further developed our Semi-Permanent Make-Up treatments.

It’s often over complicated and under appreciated. It’s distorted and blurred by society, and over shadowed and belittled by the media.

You see, the truth isn’t just black and white. Makeup is a form of art which is valued in many different ways by many different people. People wear it for different reasons, with different desires goals, and desired outcomes. The only rule in makeup is that there are no rules in makeup.

Most people forget that makeup was actually around a long time ago. A long, long time ago. 12,000 years ago, to be more specific. Way before society told us it was necessary, and way before the media forced a certain look upon us.

The Egyptians wore makeup way back then – to support spirituality and individuality. This was Makeup’s true purpose. The beauty of makeup is that we can make it what we want it to be – with no reason to explain ourselves. Again. Makeup is an art.

Semi Permanent Make Up presents our eyes as the focal point of our faces, and its right that we should want to highlight them with a beautifully applied outline. But, for many women, eyeliner application can be a tiresome ritual day in, day out.

What started out as a lovingly applied, perfect enhancement will have started to slip by lunchtime, spoiling all our hard work for the rest of the day.

With permanent eyeliner, and semi-permanent make up you can look your best from the moment you open your eyes. An inconspicuous, natural enhancement on your top and bottom lids will make your eyes pop and sparkle, or if you prefer a more made-up look, a thicker application can wave goodbye to wobbly lines for good.

For further information about this treatment, please feel free to call
the Clinic on TEL 0151 203 1393.