July Specialist Massages and Body Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage allows us to make contact with structures under the skin that are responsible for feeling stiff, old or tired. Tight, over-used muscles, stuck connective tissue, sluggish lymph fluid, crackly joints, all these are parts addressed by and altered by a deep tissue massage.

Benefits of deep tissue massage include: feel-good effects last for several days versus a few minutes or hours for light massages – better oxygen flow to over-used, tight areas such as forearms and neck – removal of toxins from those areas and better flexibility. In my experience, 99% of people seeking massage ask for deep tissue!

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses soothing, long strokes with plenty of oil to quickly reduce tension and induce sleep. Swedish is often used to soften and relax a person to allow for deep relaxation that has longer-lasting effect as well as reducing stress levels.

Full Body Exfoliation

Unwind and energise with this ritual for perfectly soft, flawless skin. Your skin will be deeply exfoliated using a combination of natural Himalayan salt and warm oils. After a shower your skin will be treated to a light application of rich massage cream to leave the skin feeling hydrated and totally smooth.

Beautiful Back

Designed for an acne prone and congested skin this treatment combines deep cleansing and gentle polishing to ensure your back is always perfectly presentable.

After a purifying exfoliation with natural Himalayan salts the skin is steamed and the pores purified followed with a soothing clay mask containing clarifying rosemary, thyme and lavender essential oils to leave the skin balanced and hydrated.