Thread-Lift Treatment: The Most Effective procedure for Skin

People are always looking for a way to turn back time and appear more youthful. But, not many are willing to take the risk of going under the knife to tighten their skin. A thread lift is a popular way to firm the skin and reduce the signs of ageing without taking on the risks of surgery. Surgical facelifts can end in infections or a permanent look that you aren’t happy with. However, a thread-lift is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, meaning that the results are semi-permanent. A thread-lift can last between twelve and twelve 18 months, making it perfect for people who want to make subtle yet effective changes in their appearance. Moreover, it is cheaper than a traditional facelift, meaning it is a cost-effective alternative for both younger and older women and men.

What is a Thread-Lift?

Thread-lift is a popular cosmetic treatment also known as the ‘lunch hour facelift’. Performed in as little as an hour, there is minimal pain and recovery time compared to a traditional facelift. It involves the use of an implantable surgical thread to lift sagging skin on the forehead, eyebrows, mid-face and neck. As well as these popular areas, the treatment can be done on most areas of the face and neck as well as areas on the body requiring a tightening effect such as above the knees, arms, stomach and buttocks.

The threads are carefully placed in strategic pre-marked areas along the contours of the face anchoring towards the target lifting point. The threads have fine filaments allowing them to attach to the tissue and be easily smoothed. This creates a more natural look, and as the body naturally produces new skin cells, the filament will be surrounded to create a very subtle but effective lift. The whole procedure is extremely comfortable and most clients report it being virtually pain-free and typically requires very little recovery time. As regards to the downtime, on occasions some people may experience slight bruising or evening swelling; however, this subsides after a few days.

Thread-lifts are defined as ‘minimally-invasive’ and “non-surgical” therefore isn’t a form of cosmetic surgery. Instead, it is an alternative way to get a longer lasting, yet still A semi-permanent facelift effect.

Why Should You Get a Thread-Lift?

Thread-lifts have increased in popularity due to its use by celebrities. A couple of years ago Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines after she endorsed this treatment. It is a viable option for those looking for a way to tighten up loose skin. As it is cheaper than surgery, more people are turning to it as another option for facial rejuvenation. Therefore, there has been an increase in popularity among both men and women who want to hide the early signs of ageing. Fine lines, wrinkles and sagginess all indicate ageing. Those who want to mimic the appearance of the youthful skin can do so with a thread-lift.

Ageing causes the tissue in the skin to become thinner. This is due to the reduced production and breaking down of collagen and elastin which is what makes the skin firm. Combine this with a loss in bone density, muscle mass and fat cells, and you will see the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, creases and folds in the skin. However, having a thread-lift can HELP reverse this as it rejuvenates the skin and makes it appear more rested and firm. It does this by stimulating th production of collagen to restore tightness. This allows for a more defined facial contour which helps you achieve a youthful look without scaring.

Who Should Get a Thread-Lift?

The procedure is widely known for creating its best results in people aged between 25 and 45 years of age. It removes wrinkles and can prevent the early signs of ageing. It is common knowledge that many women and men are self-conscious in our day and age. With the internet, social media and entertainment, women are always surrounded by images of ‘perfect’ women and men may feel expected to be wrinkle-free and chiselled. Some people think that by losing weight, you can create the appearance of youth. 9 out of 10 women stop themselves eating or put their health at risk in another way to lose weight. But, as long as you are healthy, size doesn’t matter. A thread-lift provides a safer and easier way to create a youthful look without severely damaging your health or self-esteem. It can also be a very good way to improve your confidence. There are some genetic issues that can lead to cheek and brow sagging caused by weakened muscles such as ptosis, people suffering from this can see significant changes in their appearance and confidence after having a thread-lift.

For women in their late 50s and 60s, a thread-lift can reduce sagging and wrinkles, taking years off their face. Not all women are happy with the ageing process. Some may desire to have that youthful appearance they once had. Creams can only do so much, and they can’t make the wrinkles disappear for long. But, a thread-lift offers the chance for older women to gain more confidence in their looks by tightening their skin to reduce sagging and wrinkles and turn back the clock.

Thread-Lifts: Old vs New

When thread-lifts first entered into the cosmetic beauty arena, doctors were wary of them. They deemed the treatment questionable for its scary side effects such as scarring and spitting sutures. But, the procedure has developed so that there is extremely minimal scarring and is entirely safe for the clients. New technological advances mean that the threads can now be dissolvable. Whereas in the past the thread would have been a permanent fixture in your face or body, now they are biodegradable. This means that bacteria and such have nothing permanent to fix onto, meaning the chances of infection are significantly reduced.

How Much does a Thread-Lift Cost?

A thread-lift should be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon or anaesthetic doctor. This ensures that there is a minimum risk of infection or a ‘dodgy’ thread-lift. You are paying for experience and quality so make sure you get it.

The cost of a thread-lift can vary depending on the clinic, a number of areas treated and threads used. Typically, it can cost anywhere from £600 to £3,500. Those who want to go beyond their face and have breast, arm or abdomen thread-lifts will be expected to pay more. Also, the older the women, the more it may cost. This is due to more sagging and wrinkles which therefore requires more threads to be used.

A thread-lift is perfect for people who want to enhance their looks without having to undergo invasive surgery. It creates subtle but effective lifts in the face and body that can help to roll back the years on a person's appearance. If you think you could benefit from a thread-lift, then contact us today for more information on the services we offer.

Thread lift treatment before and after

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