Moles are a common occurrence on the skin whilst they are often harmless, many opt to have them removed.


Results vary dependent on client, whilst some clients will have a Mole removed in one session others may require multiple treatments.

Product Description

Moles are usually brown or black in colour and they occur as an overgrowth of Pigment Cells (Melanocytes) within the deeper layers of the skin. Moles usually appear during childhood, with more developing moving into teenage years, although they can continue to develop with age. Moles tend to develop as a result of sun exposure though they can appear spontaneously anywhere on the body.

At Aesthetics of Liverpool we offer Short Wave Diathermy to remove Moles. You must bring along a letter of consent from your GP to your initial consultation stating that the Mole is safe to remove.

Treatments Available

Short Wave Diathermy
Diathermy treatment involves the use of a fine tip needle. When the needle is applied to the Mole it will deliver Radio Energy to destroy the Mole’s tissue and cauterise Blood Vessels to prevent excess bleeding. The procedure will leave behind a small wound which is then covered using a plaster.


Moles vary in appearance but can have the following characteristics:

• Brown, round and flat.
• Raised, Pale and sometimes hairy.
• Raised above the skin, light brown and sometimes hairy.
• Surrounded by white ring, where the Mole has lost its colour
• Unusual looking and slightly larger moles that can be a range of colours and either flat or bumpy.
• Dark Blue in colour.

Prior to treatment you must obtain written consent from your G.P/Dermatologist that your Mole is safe to remove. This must be obtained prior to your consultation with your Aesthetics of Liverpool Practitioner.

Whilst Moles are usually harmless, It is very important to ensure you check the Moles on your body for any unusual changes a helpful way to remember what to look out for is the ABCDE method:

• A- Asymmetry
• B- Border Irregularity
• C- Colour Change
• D- Diameter
• E- Elevated (raised) or enlarged.

If you notice any of these changes to a Mole/Moles on your body it is important to visit your GP as changes to a Mole may be an indication of a skin cancer called Melanoma.

Some clients experience a mild discomfort during treatment, those with sensitive skin may benefit from the use of an anaesthetic cream to numb the area and limit discomfort.
Short Wave Diathermy is completely safe. However with any medical procedure there are risks\possible side effects these include infection, scarring, discolouration, anaesthetic allergy, or nerve damage.
Mole Removal Single Treatment
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