Non-Surgical Face Lift (HIFU)

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a breakthrough technology that offers a non-invasive alternative surgery.


Some clients notice results immediately. However on average results will become visible approximately three months post treatment and can continue to improve for up to six months as the skin continues to produce fresh Collagen. Over time wrinkles will be reduced and skin texture will vastly improve, leaving you with a bright glowing complexion!

Product Description

HIFU also known as the Non-Surgical Facelift is a lifting and firming treatment that allows clients to achieve younger and healthier looking skin. Some clients take drastic measures to turn back the clock, however the Non-Surgical Facelift is able to renew skins collagen and restore a radiant wrinkle free look. With no injections or downtime HIFU is able to dramatically reduce the signs of ageing without the need for surgery.

Quickly becoming one of the most sought after anti-ageing procedures, the treatment works by delivering high intensity focused ultrasound to the deepest layers of the skin. This ultrasound energy penetrates the skin to reach the deeper dermal and sub-dermal levels, causing injury to the underlying tissue and stimulating a healing process. The healing process accelerates the skins production of collagen, which causing skin to tighten to create a bright youthful complexion.

As the treatment targets lower levels of tissue the procedure works from ‘the inside out’ meaning results build gradually over 2-3 months, this creates a visible lifting effect and provides skin with youthful appearance. The treatment dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin becomes firmer and more radiant than before.

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HIFU is not painful but some clients find the procedure slightly uncomfortable. It is common for clients to feel a warmth or heat, as the HIFU is applied and this may cause minor discomfort. Any discomfort is usually very brief, the level of discomfort usually depends on the settings being used, the area as well as the clients skin sensitivity.

HIFU is mostly suitable for clients who are 30+. The aim of HIFU is to tighten, lift and restore youth to the skin, therefore the procedure is best suited for those who have noticed that a certain area has begun to lax or appear less youthful.

• Mid Face Lifting
• Brow Lifting
• Jowl Lifting
• Neck Lifting
• Decolletage

HIFU is completely safe. The procedure is performed worldwide on a daily basis, ultrasound energy is also used in a wide range of medical procedures.

HIFU is a completely safe procedure that is used worldwide on a daily basis and is a low risk treatment.

Side Effects include:

• Slight Ache in treatment area
• Ache or prickling over the bone area
• Redness
• Tingling in the treatment area

All of the above side effects are temporary and usually subside within a few hours.

There will be an initial consultation with an Aesthetics Of Liverpool practitioner to discuss your concerns and goals. During the treatment a hand held device is moved over the selected treatment area (e.g Face) this device delivers High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to the skin. The procedure is pain free however some clients may feel a slight ache or prickling over bone areas. The procedure as a whole lasts between 45-90 minutes depending on the size of treatment area.
Once the treatment is over clients may experience some redness or tingling however most are able to return to their day to day activities immediately.
Non Surgical Face Lift Price
Neck to Jawline £600.00
Full Face £850.00
Full Face plus hydrating/plumping treatment & skin analysis £680.00
Full Face & Neck £1000.00