Nutritional Blood Testing

It is often difficult to diagnose a nutritional imbalance or deficiency before the symptoms become severe. Our Nutritional Blood Testing provides in depth information on your diet and ensures you are getting all the nutrients your body needs.


Getting annual blood testing is great for preventative health. Receiving your Nutritional Blood Test results will allow us to observe trends, health problems and ultimately shows us what is going on in our diet and lifestyle.

You will receive your blood results 10-14 days after the blood test has been taken.

Product Description

Prior to Nutritional Blood Testing your will have a consultation with an Aesthetics of Liverpool Practitioner, where you will able to discuss your concerns and what you are looking to establish from Blood Testing.

If you decide to go ahead with the screening ,blood will be drawn from your arm, similar to when blood is tested by your GP, the blood will then sent off for analysis.

Nutritional Blood Testing is a great way to give an insight into your general nutritional health and diet. The screening is comprehensive and can highlight health issues through measuring the level of Vitamins and Minerals in the body.

Many men and women often experience tiredness, fatigue and low mood. In a constantly evolving world this is hardly surprising though sometimes the source of these issues can often lie in nutrition.Nutritional Blood Testing is a great way to give an insight into your general nutritional health and diet. The screening is comprehensive and can highlight health issues through measuring the level of vitamins and minerals in the body.

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The screening is ideal for those wanting to assess their current state of health, however many clients come to us when they are experiencing various symptoms day to day such as:
• A poor immune system
• Weight Gain
• Weight loss
• Depression
• Tiredness

The area on your arm where the blood has been withdrawn from will be covered with a small plaster, and you will be able resume your day to day activities. Once your blood has been taken it is sent off to a private lab for analysis, you will receive your results back after 10-14 days. All testing and results are 100% confidential.

Yes, at Aesthetics of Liverpool we have fully qualified Phlebotomists who are able to take your blood in a sterile environment, the procedure is completely safe with no risk to the client.

Side Effects:

  • Slight redness in the treatment area.
  • Sensitivity in the treatment area.
  • Mild Bruising around the area the needle went into the vein is fairly common after a blood test, however in rare cases more severe bruising may develop.
  • Haematoma: A haematoma is a collection of blood under the skin, it is similar to bruising and is caused by blood clotting to form a solid lump. It is fairly common to have a haematoma, applying ice packs will help ease swelling. If you are experiencing severe discomfort it is recommended that you contact your GP.


  • Infection, this is extremely rare, however if the injection site becomes red and swollen we would recommend you contact the clinic or your GP.
  • Excessive Bleeding: It is common for the injection site to bleed after the blood sample has been taken, however this should stop fairly quickly as your Practitioner places a cotton wool pad or gauze over the wound.
  • Fainting and dizziness: Some clients experience dizziness during or after a blood test, this is very common in people who have a fear of needles or injections. If you are feeling faint before your blood test it is imperative that you let your practitioner know. Usually, dizziness will pass after you have had a minute to sit down with your head between your legs (this will stimulate blood flow to the brain).
Clients may experience some mild discomfort as blood is withdrawn.

A consultation is £150 which is redeemable against the treatment if it proceeds. Or the consultation process is £150