Plasma Soft Surgery ® (Plexr)

Plasma Soft Surgery ® (known in the industry as “Plexr”) is the miracle ‘lunchtime eye lift’ that’s taking the UK by storm.  Many patients complain of hooded, baggy or saggy eyelids.  Unfortunately this often is a genetic trait that becomes more problematic as we age. Until recently surgery was the only real possibility to address this complaint. However the surgical procedure option involves the patient going under general anaesthetic and having the skin and fat cut from the eye with a scalpel.  Unfortunately this procedure (known as a blepharoplasty) is something many patients are not prepared to go through due to the high risks.

Plasma Soft Surgery® (known as Plexr) is a non-surgical solution to reducing and even removing excess eyelid skin. It’s sometimes said that the eyes give you away and are a true sign of your age.  This remarkable treatment is much less invasive than a conventional blepharoplasty and the healing time takes days rather than months.

Finally there is a non-surgical solution to removing hooded eyes, eye bags and this astonishing procedure can even be used to dramatically improve upper and lower lip lines, aged neck area and can even be used to remove blemishes. Furthermore the results are permanent and whilst we cannot stop ageing the results will not reverse over time.


Plasma Soft Surgery® has become so popular due to being able to deliver outstanding results similar to those achieve through highly invasive surgery, whilst avoiding the risks and complications associated, such as anaesthesia, surgical resection, sutures and post operative recovery in hospital. Results are seen instantly although the best appearance is seen after 3 weeks. 3 treatments at 6 weekly intervals are often required to give the results similar to a surgical procedure. The result of Plasma Soft Surgery® are long-lasting/permanent. You will still age naturally, bur the results of the treatment will not be reversed. 

Product Description

Plasma Soft Surgery® uses the fourth state of matter: Plasma. Tissues treated “Sublimate” avoiding spreading unwanted heat to surrounding areas. The principle is to ionise gases in the air to create a small electrical arc, similar to a tiny lightning bolt, with which dermal and epidermal areas affected by aesthetic problems may be treated, without spreading unwanted heat to surrounding areas. Treatment consists of multiple shots spaced closely together at the required treatment area.

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Mild Discomfort maybe uxerpience during a Plasma Soft Surgery® treatment. It is common for clients to feel a warmth or heat, as the treatment is carried out, this is the cause of the mild discomfort. Any discomfort is usually very brief, the level of discomfort usually depends on the settings being used, the area as well as the clients skin sensitivity.

- Upper Eye Area
- Lower Eye Area
- Crows Feet
- Neck Lifting
- Face Lifting
- Smokers Lines (upper Lips)
- Bottom Lip
- Blemish removal/Scar Correction
- Nasolabial Fold
- Skin Rejuvenation

Plasma Soft Surgery® is a completely safe procedure that is used worldwide on a daily basis and is a low risk treatment.

Side Effects include:
- Swelling
- Crusting
- Tenderness
- Weeping
- Scarring

There will be an initial consultation with an Aesthetics Of Liverpool practitioner to discuss your concerns and goals. During the treatment a hand held device is moved over the selected treatment area (e.g Face) this device delivers multiple shots of plasma.  The procedure as a whole lasts between 45-90 minutes depending on the size of treatment area.

You can resume any of their normal professional activities immediately after this aesthetic treatment. 

Swelling starts on the following day and usually peaks on the second day. The third or fourth day after the treatment the swelling usually starts to subside slightly and in most cases the swelling will have subsided completely on the fifth day. While the swelling starts to subside, the scabs starts to form. Please note the scabs do not always forms however they do in most cases.

The scabs will normally have fallen off by themselves on the sixth or seventh day after the treatment. 

Non Surgical Blepharoplasty Eye Lid Tightening - £999

Lower Eye Lids/ Eye Bags - £999 

Both Upper and Lower Eye Area  - £1699

Crows Feet  - £599

Smokers Lines Removal (Upper Lip)  - £500

Both upper and Lower lip area  - £1000

Bottom Lip  - £500

Blemish Removal  - £299

Neck Lift (upper or lower)  - £1750