Vitamin Booster Shots

Tiredness, jet-lag, a low immune system? Many of our clients often turn to energy drinks or coffee throughout the day to give them a pick me up, however this is generally a quick fix that typically only lasts a few hours. Our Vitamin Booster Shots take just a few seconds to administer and provide a feeling of wellness that lasts for days.


Our Vitamin Booster Shots offer 100% absorption into the body and aim to leave your energy levels feeling revitalised and restored. Clients usually begin to feel the full effect of the Booster Shot two hours post treatment with the effects lasting for days.

Product Description

Vitamin Booster Shots have become increasingly popular in the last few years and are a quick and easy method of administering Vitamins and Minerals directly into the blood stream. Whilst taking oral vitamins can be beneficial, when they are digested only around 50% of their benefits are in fact absorbed. However Vitamin Booster Shots work to provide 100% absorption of these essential elements, allowing them to effectively reach their target.

New parents, a high flying career or sports training can often leave the body feeling run down or dehydrated and a lack of energy is common. Vitamin Booster Shots are a unique treatment as they can’t be bought on the high street and are only available in licensed clinics, the aim of the treatment being to nourish and replenish the body.

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Vitamin Booster Shots can treat a wide range conditions and can be tailored to suit your needs with the procedure aiming to replenish and revitalise.

The treatment is not used as a method of therapy for medical conditions but generally used as a lifestyle and wellbeing treatment. Whether it be a busy lifestyle, over exertion, a hectic work schedule or just general tiredness. The treatment is ideal for those wishing to restore vitamin levels, improve their energy and ultimately feel their best.

The Vitamin Booster Shot contains 0.9% sodium chloride (saline solution) or a 5% dextrose solution, an isotonic carbohydrate (sugar solution) that contains glucose in sterile water depending on the ingredients being used and the desired effect e.g hydration

Prior to treatment you will have a consultation with an Aesthetics of Liverpool practitioner, during this consultation you will be able to discuss any concerns, what you are hoping to achieve and decide what formulation will be most beneficial for you.

During the actual treatment your Aesthetics of Liverpool Practitioner will administer the Vitamin Booster Shot into your arm, this takes just a few seconds. Where you have been injected will then be covered with a small plaster. You will then be free to leave the clinic,some clients feel results immediately, though it can take up to two hours to feel the full effect.

Following treatment there is no down time and clients are able to return to to their day to day activities. Clients are simply required to wear a plaster over where the IV had been inserted similar to after a Blood Test with your GP this usually take 24 – 48 hours to heal.
Clients usually begin to feel results within 2 hours of treatments, results last between 4-7 days.
Prior to treatment you will have an initial consultation it is here will be able to discuss contraindications and establish your suitability for treatment.
Depending on your treatment choice prices range between £140- £350. Our booster injections start from £30.00