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At Aesthetics of Liverpool, we have the very latest non-surgical and safe body sculpting treatments to help you lose inches and contour.

Step 1 Body HIFU

Brand new this Year. Body HIFU reduces dress size and is a revolutionary fat busting treatment.

Step 2 Advanced Cavitation

Eliminating fat cells throughout  the body with the use of ultra sound technology.

Step 3 Skin Tightening

Tighten loose or saggy skin with non-invasive radio frequency .

Step 4 Fat Freeze

With the very latest advanced CRYOLIPOLYIS a perfect alternative to liposuction that reduces fat by up to 40%.

Step 1 Dermaplaning

A safe and simple procedure used to generate new skin cells and create a bright radiant new complexion.

Step 2 Microdermabrasion

Our Medical Microdermabrasion will give your skin a new lease of life. Revealing a fresher,
younger looking you.

Step 3 Non-invasive Mesotherapy

Benefit from increased production of collagen, elastin hydration and tone leaving your skin
truly revitalised.

Step 4 Light Therapy

This treatments has instant results and  finishes off your wonderful overall facial treatment in the perfect way.

Step 5 Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Facial Therapy is one our newest anti-ageing treatments that used to plump & firm the skin, as well as softening  fine lines & wrinkles.